Sue Toddler photo

A Brief Bio

I grew up in a large family that was part of an extended family business, married into another one (deja vu), and I’m the mother of an incredible and resilient college student.  I kept leaving and returning to the Midwest as I worked in varying areas as a riding instructor, in advertising and real estate, as CEO of a not-for-profit association, as a sales and marketing troubleshooter for a corporate organization in senior living, and eventually as an independent consultant.  Interests include being a longtime horsewoman and animal lover, plus being a political aficionado who finds the ‘democratic’ process both fascinating and frustrating, especially as to how it affects those who are at a disadvantage socially, medically and financially.  Now that I’m officially in the “older” category (where the starting age for entry is a moving target), hopefully my background and observations will provide some insight to others.

  • Old enough to know better
  • 30+ years in the field of senior living
  • Equine and animal enthusiast
  • Doing the right things